Los Angeles

New York




Ceiling’s height – 4,5 meters,
Electricity – 30 kw (up to 150 kw from summer),
Studio rent costs from 9 euros to 25 euros/hour + electricity,
Photo equipment rental (Profoto & Broncolor),
Photographer’s assistants available for rent (in studio or other locations),
When renting at non working hours or weekends an additional 5 eur/hour charge is applied,

Equipment included in the studio rent price: two moboblock flash heads or either 2kW video lights or two smaller ones. Also stands and required light modifiers/accessiories.
There are a fully equipped kitchen usable for food preparation or photoshoots,
A cargo elevator,  a separate car parking, Wi-fi (300mbps), free coffe and tea, a shower
A photo equipment shop for buying new proffessional gear (Photorig.eu).

Contact for booking: +370 67118418
Email: rent@spring.lt


Studio instructions:

1. Cars can only be parked in our studio’s separate parking space.
2. Studio manner: the studio after a photoshoot should be left in the same order as it was before.
3. Photo equipment is handed over in Spring office, after the photoshoot all equipment is to be returned back. Until the returning the responsibility for all equipment is carried on by client or by assistant, if an assistant is employed for the photoshoot.
4. All Lost found items will be kept for two weeks.