Los Angeles

New York




Studio ceiling is 4,5 meters tall;
Electricity – 30 kw (up to 150 kw during summer);
Booking a studio costs from 9 eur to 25 eur per hour;
Photo equipment rental (Profoto & Broncolor);
Assistants available for hire (in studio or other locations);
Studio bookings outside our working hours, on weekends or holidays cost additional 5 eur per hour;

Two flash heads or continuous light lamps are included in the studio price;
The studio features a fully equipped kitchen, a cargo elevator, a separate parking, wi-fi (300mbps), free coffee and tea;
A photo equipment shop for buying new professional gear (Photorig.eu) is located in the studio.

Contact for booking: +370 67118418
Email: springphotorental@gmail.com

Studio instructions:

1. Cars can only be parked in our studio’s separate parking space.
2. After a photoshoot, the studio should be left in the same condition as it was before.
3. Photo equipment is handed over in the Spring office. After a photoshoot, all equipment must be returned. A client or a hired assistant is responsible for looking after the equipment while using it.
4. All items lost in the studio will be kept for two weeks.

5. Cancellation policy: if your photoshoot got canceled or rescheduled, we will charge 100% fee for same-day cancellations or 50% if your booking will be canceled 24h before. Thank you